Art Classes

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    Escort Your Artist:
    18 months – 3 Years
    $90* / 45 min. class, 6 weeks
    Join your child as they discover for the first time the uninhibited joy of slathering slippery paint or squeezing, pounding, and poking clay. Children will utilize all of their senses as they explore the qualities of the materials, and delight in the physical motion of the activities as their muscles and coordination develop. We’ll experiment with colors, shapes, splashes, & swishes as we dazzle them with a fascinating new sensory experiment each week! This is one class where you’ll be happy to leave the aftermath to us!
    3 – 5 Years
    $120*/ 45 min. class, 6 weeks
    Join your child for an exciting hands-on, multi-media experience! With a different project each week, we’ll introduce new tools and techniques that nurture their discovery of the relationship between their creations and the world around them. They’ll be energized and excited as they express themselves in new ways and start to find new meaning and purpose in their creativity.